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9 Ways to keep motivating yourself.

This story appears in the June 1997 issue of Business Start-Ups magazine.

Results, sales, and profits are three words that often signify success. These concepts are preceded by three other terms that identify future business possibilities: ideas, prospects and transactions. Many business experts see motivation as the vital energy that links potential with subsequent accomplishment. Joey Reiman, founder and CEO of BrightHouse, an ideation firm in Atlanta, says, "You need two ingredients for a successful new business: passion and talent. Talent is your ticket in, but in the final moments, victory goes to the passionate; the one who is charged up charges through."

It's easy to be motivated before you start your business, when your thoughts are focused on the eventual sales and profits. But when you actually get going, and success takes a little longer than you imagined, it's possible for your enthusiasm to wane. Low motivation can result in less commitment to your business and will diminish your chances of future success. Consider the following suggestions to help keep your motivation consistently on target.

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