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Home-Office Computers

Use this guide when you're ready to purchase your business's most indispensable tool.

This story appears in the June 1997 issue of Business Start-Ups magazine.

If you do not yet have a computer for your , you should seriously consider buying one. You should not buy one simply because "everybody else has one," nor should you think that a computer will suddenly save you enough time to drum up twice the amount of business you already have. Instead, you should consider buying a computer so you can take advantage of what it can offer your business, in terms of organization, , and information processing.

A computer allows you to operate dozens of easy-to-use organizational and computer programs on the market today. programs, for instance, allow you to electronically record your client addresses, , quotes and invoices. The programs can even tie all of these items together so that you only need to look in one place for any of them. Should you need to, you could access all the sales generated by a particular customer for any given year with just a "point-and-click." You can even use these same programs to generate a "personalized" mass mailing to each of your clients or potential clients, complete with usage of nicknames, or references to the name of the city in which they are located.

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