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Chapter and verse on what today's authors think of success.

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Success: It's not easy to achieve or define. Maybe that's why so many books in the nonfiction business aisles grapple with this very topic. This month, we spotlight half a dozen works that guide readers through their own journeys to success.

We begin with Stress for Success: The Proven Program for Transforming Stress Into Positive Energy at Work (Times Business, $24.50 cloth) by James E. Loehr. The author's premise is an intriguing one--namely, that stress can actually be good for you. Relying on his background in sports psychology, Loehr urges "corporate athletes" to train themselves so that they can indeed thrive under pressure. "By exposing yourself to stress and training every day . . . your productivity, health and happiness will increase," Loehr maintains. "You will thrive in the chaos of modern corporate life."

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