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Multifunctional Devices Offer The Latest Technology, Professionalism, and Convenience.
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Wish you could wave a wand and banish all those machines cluttering your desk? More than a dozen manufacturers have done that for you by combining a printer, copier, scanner and fax machine in one unit. Called multifunctional devices (MFDs), these machines perform all the primary office functions except answering your phone (although Ricoh's MV106 even has an answering machine port). They can be networked, print and copy in color or black-and-white, send faxes at a programmed time, and scan documents for editing and faxing directly from your computer.

Research firm CAP Ventures estimates that by 2000, one in five office machines purchased will be an all-in-one product. The market for MFDs is so hot, new models equipped with technological advances are appearing every month, it seems, with higher-quality imaging, more font choices, larger paper trays, faster speeds and increased memory capacity. At press time, one of the fastest machines was Toshiba's DP2460+SC-1 Controller, a digital laser MFD that faxes, prints and copies 24 pages per minute, compared to about six pages per minute by its competitors. Brother's color 7000FC allows you to capture video frames for direct copying, faxing or filing from a digital camera, VCR, television or camcorder.

The most obvious advantage of an MFD, aside from taking up less space, is its cost-effectiveness. Instead of having to buy four or five different machines--and maintain each with different replacement toner, drum and other parts--you can purchase a single machine whose printing, scanning and copying functions use the same cartridge. This will lower your utility bill. A third advantage is that you'll need fewer service people. And while some argue that an all-in-one machine can't offer the same high quality in each of its functions as separate machines can, digital and other technologies are quickly narrowing that gap.

MFDs are built with one of three different print processes: laser, LED (light-emitting diode) or inkjet. Lasers produce the highest quality in the fastest time; LEDs are only a fraction behind. While inkjets are not quite as sharp, they produce professional-looking documents and are priced much lower than other MFDs. The newest black-and-white models produce more varied shades of gray than before. Color MFDs are more readily available, although maintenance costs for color cartridges are higher than for black-and-white models. The quality of the image you get depends on the dots per inch (dpi) the machine prints. The higher the dpi, the clearer the image. Most MFDs use around 600 dpi for printing and 300 dpi for copying and scanning.

The greatest disadvantage of an MFD is also its greatest strength. If one of the functions breaks down, the entire machine is unusable. To preclude such a disaster, several manufacturers offer warranties with 24-hour express replacement, on-site exchange or fast repairs.

There are more than 50 MFDs on the market. Here's a rundown of some of their functions:

Auto fax/phone switch: If you have one line for phone calls and faxing, some MFDs will switch to the fax function when a fax is incoming.

Broadcasting: Sends faxes to several different numbers simultaneously.

Dual access: The ability to use the MFD for a second function while another function is being performed.

Fax memory: If your machine is out of paper or the ink cartridge is low, faxes will be stored. When the paper tray is refilled or the cartridge replaced, the faxes stored in the memory chip will be printed. Some MFDs can store up to 180 pages.

PC faxing: Sends faxes directly from your computer's modem without having to print the document and feed it manually into the fax machine.

Quick scan: Scans a document into memory so you can retrieve your document without having to wait for it to be processed.

TWAIN: Allows importing graphics without leaving an application.

How do you choose an MFD? Steven Gomo, the general manager in Hewlett Packard's San Diego division, offers some tips:

  • Determine whether you need full or partial color, or monochrome capabilities.
  • Make sure the MFD transitions smoothly among various hardware applications via a single, user-friendly software interface.
  • Make sure the MFD can print on the kinds of paper products you use, such as envelopes and index cards.

Jill Amadio is a writer in Newport Beach, California.

Table of Product Features

800 Number
Web Site
Fax FeaturesPrinter FeaturesCopier FeaturesScanner FeaturesOther FeaturesPrice
Brother International
(800) 284-4329
Plain paper, 14.4 KBps modem, 12 seconds per page broadcasting, 100-page memory, 30-page auto feeder, auto fax/phone switch, Caller ID, dual access, fax forwarding, remote retrievalColor inkjet, 720 dpi, 5 pages per minute B/W, 3 pages per minute color, letter/legal, video frame printing from digital camera, VCR, TV or camcorderColor, 50%-200% reduce or enlarge, color transparencies, photos, charts, graphsColor, 300 dpi, TWAIN compatible, requires Windows 3.1-Windows 95Color PC fax, digital answering machine, voice-mail system with speakerphone, paging, Video Capture with input jack$1,649
(800) 7-JETFAX
Plain paper, 14.4 KBps modem, less than 3 seconds per page printing, 180-page memory, 50-page auto feeder, 70 speed dials, delayed transmission, auto fax/phone switch, dual access, status reports, broadcastingB/W LED, 600 dpi, 8 pages per minute, 250-sheet paper tray, letter, legal, notepad, envelopes, labels, transparenciesB/W, 300 dpi, 50%-200% reduce/enlarge, auto collation up to 99 pagesB/W, 300 dpi, TWAIN compatiblePC fax and scan, networking$2,595
Hewlett Packard
OfficeJet 600
(800) 752-0900
Plain paper, 14.4 KBps modem, 6 seconds per page printing, 50-page memory, 20-page auto feeder, 100 speed dials, junk fax barrierColor inkjet, 600 dpi, 5 pages per minute B/W, 2 pages per minute color, 150-sheet auto feeder, letterhead or index cardsColor inkjet, 50%-200% reduce or enlargeColor inkjet, 300 dpi, TWAIN compatiblePC fax, bonus scanning software$599
(800) 456-6422
Plain paper, 14.4 KBps modem, 6 seconds per page printing, 30-page auto feeder, 20 speed dials, fax storage, reduction, dual access, confidential mail boxesB/W laser, 600 dpi, 12 pages per minute, optional postscript configurations with 20MB memoryB/W laser, 12 copies per minute, letterhead or legal, single sheet bypass for envelopes, labels, transparenciesNoneOptional PC fax, scan, or print, optional $75 printing interface$2,795
Lanier Worldwide
5112 MFD
(800) 708-7088
Plain paper, 14.4 KBps modem, 6 seconds per page printing, 30-page auto feeder, 100 speed dials, broadcasting, confidential send or receive, dual access, pollingB/W laser, 600 dpi, 12 pages per minute, letter, legal, notepad, manual bypass, 2MB memory with optional upgrade to 512KBB/W laser, 10 copies per minute, letter, notepad, book, or 3D, digital reduction, auto document feederNonePC scanning$3,395
Mita Copystar America
(800) ABC-MITA
Plain paper, 14.4 KBps modem, 6 seconds per page printing, 30-page auto feeder, 10 speed dials, 256KB memory, broadcasting, dual access, fax timerB/W laser, 600 dpi, 6 pages per minute, letter, envelopes, or transparencies, upgradable memory, prints from any Windows application6 copies per minute, 70%-100% reduce/enlarge, 100-sheet paper tray, electronic sorting400 dpi, TWAIN compatible, scans text, photos, graphics (requires application software)PC fax$1,095
Okioffice 44
Plain paper, 14.4 KBps modem, 6 seconds per page printing, 200x400 dpi, 10 speed dials, broadcasting, optional phone handset, 256KB memoryB/W LED, 600 dpi, 4 pages per minute, 512KB memoryB/W LED, 300 dpi, 4 copies per minute, 25%-200% reduce or enlarge, 100-sheet paper tray, JetSuite softwareB/W LED, 200x400 dpiOptical character recognition software to PC fax, print, copy, scan$999
(800) 63-RICOH
Plain paper, 14.4 KBps modem, 6 seconds per page printing, 53-page memory, 30-page auto feeder, 50 speed dials, fax timer, 150-sheet paper trayB/W laser, 300 dpi, 6 pages per minute, manual duplex, page compression, 150-sheet paper tray, letter, legal, envelopes, 10%-500% scalingB/W laser, 6 copies per minute, 50%-200% reduce or enlarge, photosB/W laser, 200 dpi, TWAIN compatible, 5 levels of brightnessPC fax, answering machine port$2,095
Sharp Electronics Corp.
(800) BE-SHARP
Plain paper, 30-page auto feeder, 120-page memory, 15-page Quick ScanB/W laser, 600 dpi, 4.5 pages per minute, 100-sheet paper trayB/W laser, 4.5 copies per minute, 50%-150% reduce or enlarge, collationB/W laser, 300 dpi, TWAIN compatiblePC fax$1,099
Toshiba America Information Systems
DP2460+SC-1 Controller
Plain paper, 14.4 KBps modem, 24 pages per minute, optional duplex, 600-sheet paper trayB/W digital laser, 600 dpi, 24 pages per minute, page numbering, dual access, 12MB memory upgradable to 28MB, optional duplex, group, sort, stapleB/W digital laser, 24 copies per minute, 25%-400% reduce or enlarge, auto duplex, letter, legal, ledger, transparencies, labels, 600-sheet paper tray, status display screenNonePC fax, networking for 5 to 10 users, optional 600-sheet copier and printer paper trays, expandable memory, 50-sheet copier feeder$2,500
Panasonic Office Products
Panafax UF-342
(800) 742-8086
Plain paper, 14.4 KBps modem, 6 seconds per page printing, 360 dpi, expandable 30-page memory, 30-page auto feeder, letter or legal, dual access, broadcasting, 150-sheet paper trayColor inkjet snap-in cartridge, 360 dpi, 5 pages per minute B/W, letter, legal, various other sizes, envelopes, transparenciesB/W inkjet, 360 dpi, 3 copies per minute, 70%-141% reduce or enlarge, letter, legal, various other sizes, 150-sheet paper trayB/W inkjet, 200 dpi, TWAIN compatiblePC fax, directory search and print, verification stamp, security code access$1,395
WorkCentre 450c
(800) 832-6979
Plain paper, 14.4 KBps modem, 7 seconds per page printing, 23-page memory, 94 speed dials, auto fax/phone switch, security send and receive, dual access, fax forwarding, remote retrieveColor inkjet, 600 dpi, 1 page per minute color, 6 pages per minute B/W, letter, legal, notepad, transparencies, labels, envelopes, iron-on transfersB/W inkjet, 300 dpi, 3 copies per minute, 75%-150% reduce or enlarge (50%-400% with bonus software)B/W inkjet, 300 dpi, TWAIN compatible, 10 seconds per pageBonus software, PC fax, answering machine port$999

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CAP Ventures, (617) 871-9000,


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