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Forgetfulness goes with the entrepreneurial territory. It's hard to stay on top of special dates (anniversaries, birthdays and the like) when your daily to-do list is miles long. The solution? A visit to eOrganizer at , a Web-based reminder service. Enter in special dates, even tomorrow's to-dos, and eOrganizer will give you a friendly nudge via e-mail on the morning of any must-dos. Besides providing space for tasks, appointments and special days, eOrganizer allows you to enter names and addresses of key contacts. An added plus: If you leave town but forget to bring your address book, a quick log on to eOrganizer has the information you need right on your laptop. And what's better, advertising-supported eOrganizer is free to users.

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Marketing 101

Selling on the Web means new tactics for businesses that want to succeed on the electronic frontier. Unfortunately, the rules and how-tos seem to be in constant flux. Get a one-stop primer on Web marketing at Web Marketing Info Center, a site that provides both the basics and more cutting-edge information. Click on any topic of interest--Net demographics, Web site design or the development of sales leads, for instance--and you're offered an extensive list of annotated hot links to appropriate information on that topic that can be found on the Web. Read up at

Law And Order

Just as cable's "Court TV" has brought the law into the homes of millions, the Court TV Small Business Law Center aims to bring the legal gist to small businesses. One feature of this Web site: a "Lawyer Search" tool that allows you to enter the name of a city and get a list of lawyers in that town along with hot links that give more information on the selected attorney, such as address and legal specialty. But the site's gem is a collection of downloadable--and free--forms and sample agreements that give entrepreneurs the skinny on topics such as employee handbooks and confidentiality agreements. Get this legal bonanza at

Shop Around

As virtual storefronts continue to open on the Web, the savvy shopper's struggle is finding all the available prices to compare so you can make smart buying decisions. RoboShopper, an add-in for people with Netscape Navigator or Microsoft's Internet Explorer, may be the answer. Tell RoboShopper what you want--computers and software, cars or trucks, books, even magazine subscriptions and golfing gear--and in the click of a mouse or the strike of a key, the program heads off to find the stores that sell exactly what you crave. In recent tests, RoboShopper didn't find all the stores (which is probably an impossible mission), but it did find plenty for comparison shopping. Download the small (only 400K) program free of charge at

Direct Line

Many government agencies have stumbled when going online, but the Small Business Administration (SBA) has gotten it right. Streamlined and uncluttered, this site offers tips and links on the core topics of interest to entrepreneurs--starting a business, financing it and growing it. Extensive information is provided on SBA financial assistance programs. And entrepreneurs can put their business cards in the SBA's searchable online database of small businesses. Discover what the SBA can do for you at


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