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State-of-the-art tech tools.

Giving a great presentation should take brains, not brawn. Give your biceps a rest with the In Focus LP420 data/video personal projector. Weighing in at just 7 pounds, the LP420 uses Digital Light Processing and a 16.7 million-color palette to project crisp, clear, film-quality images from data or video. The display is so bright you don't even have to turn down the lights--but if you do, the on-board control panel is backlit. Setup is painless with "plug-and-project" auto synchronization, and the LP420's ultra-quiet cooling fan won't drown out the built-in mono speaker . . . or the compliments you'll receive.

In Focus LP420 Personal Projector
Price: $5,599
In Focus Systems Inc.
(800) 294-6400

Going Places

Measuring just 1.5 inches thick, the Armada 7360DMT notebook computer is probably the closest you can come to cramming your fully featured desktop PC into a briefcase without ripping the seams. The lightning-fast Mobile 200 MHz Pentium processor, 3GB SMART hard drive, 2MB of video DRAM and 20x CD-ROM work together to kick multimedia applications into warp speed, while the huge 12.1-inch high-resolution display will have jealous types gawking over your shoulder. The 7360DMT also comes equipped with a 33.6 Kbps data/fax modem, easily upgradeable to 56Kflex protocol.

Compaq Armada 7360DMT Notebook Computer
Price: $3,999
Compaq Computer Corp.

Picture This

Kodak's Digital Science DC210 Zoom Camera lets you put vivid, high-quality digital pictures on the Web or in your marketing materials with point-and-shoot ease. Its 2x zoom lens, million-pixel-per-image scanning rate and built-in LCD screen can turn even the most nervous novice into a veritable Ansel Adams. And with the removable 4MB CompactFlash Card, you get 60 chances to get that shot right. A serial connector cable is included, or you can purchase the add-on infrared communication or PC card reader modules. Kodak has bundled Picture Easy, Adobe PhotoDeluxe and Adobe PageMill software with the DC210 to speed manipulation, printing and e-mailing of photo images.

Kodak Digital Science DC210 Zoom Camera
Price: $899
Eastman Kodak Co.
(800) 508-1531

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