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Roll With It

State-of-the-art tech tools.

Ergonomically designed for optimum comfort, the Microsoft IntelliMouse TrackBall gives your wrist a rest by putting precise cursor control at your fingertips. Two standard mouse buttons on the left side allow easy thumb access, and a navigation wheel on the right side allows you to scroll through documents and Web sites with ease. The TrackBall comes with IntelliPoint 2.1 software for customizing navigation wheel functions and connects directly to a PS/2 or serial port. Sorry, Mac users: The IntelliMouse only works with PCs running Windows 3.1, 95 or NT.

Microsoft Intellimouse Trackball
Price: $84.95
(800) 426-9400

Talk To Me

Record dictation, meetings and middle-of-the-night flashes of brilliance with the Olympus D1000 Digital Voice Recorder. Unlike a minicassette recorder, the D1000 uses removable digital flash memory cards that record sound as PC-standard .WAV files that can be edited or compressed, allowing you to record up to 72 minutes on a 4MB card--perfect for long-winded presentations. The D1000's Write Protection feature prevents accidental erasure of files, which are automatically marked with the date and time. Olympus has teamed up with IBM to offer a package that bundles the D1000 with IBM's ViaVoice speech dictation software and a PC adapter card for almost instant transcription of .WAV sound files on a PC.

Olympus D1000
Digital Voice Recorder
(includes a 2mb memory card)
Price: $299
(800) 622-6372

Thin Is In

Is your desktop standing room only? Save space and enjoy a bright, flicker-free display with Sharp's LL-T150AP 15-inch LCD monitor. With its 8-inch footprint, the LL-T150AP takes up one-fourth less desk space than the average Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitor, while giving a wide (120-degree) viewing angle. XGA resolution and Super High Aperture LCD technology deliver the fine details while using 40 percent less energy than a power-hungry CRT. Equipped with a speaker and on-screen controls, the monitor meets both PC and Macintosh graphic standards.

Sharp LL-T150AP LCD Monitor
Price: $3,100
(888) lcd-sharp

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