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Playing Favorites

What's the best computer software program around? Entrepreneurs cast their votes.

This story appears in the June 1998 issue of

Every homebased business owner has at least one computer software application he or she just can't live without. Whether it's a well-known Web browser like Netscape, a spreadsheet program like Excel or an accounting package like QuickBooks, businesses rely on technology. A good application can balance expenditures, expedite billing, streamline market research or provide attractive presentation materials. We asked homebased business owners nationwide what software is most beneficial to their business and why they enjoy using it. Here's a sampling of the responses we received:

We Meet Again . . . And Again

"Because the headquarters of my Internet communications integration company is halfway across the country [in Silver Spring, Maryland], I spend a large amount of time videoconferencing and audio conferencing. Microsoft NetMeeting 2.0 allows me to do this dirt cheap--and over the Internet. The whole Microsoft package ties in really well, so I can have something on a spreadsheet or word processing document while I'm using NetMeeting and seamlessly pop it up and show it to somebody [who also has NetMeeting] on the other end of a conference call. Basically, the whole suite of Microsoft Internet products is great."

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