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A new business check card.

Keeping track of petty cash can be a nightmare. But help is on the way: Visa U.S.A.'s business check card can simplify the task.

Geared toward firms with up to $10 million in annual sales and as many as 100 employees, the card offers entrepreneurs a way to buy small-ticket items without using a credit card.

You don't need to have a Visa credit card to obtain the business check card. Just apply at a financial institution, and after passing a credit and background check, you can work with the issuing financial institution to establish spending limits and set up an account linked to the check card. In case of unauthorized transactions, the bank guarantees repayment.

Other features include: the ability to withdraw funds from ATMs; discounts of up to 60 percent at selected hotels, motels and resorts in 144 countries; and savings on services and small-business resources from participating merchants.

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VISA U.S.A., (800) VISA-311, ext. 84,

This story appears in the June 1998 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »