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We're off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of??? well, you know. Given how extensively "The Wizard Of Oz" movie has permeated our collective psyche, it's a good bet that much ado will be made over its 60th anniversary next year. (That's right--Dorothy is now old enough to collect Social Security. Scary, isn't it? And don't even ask about Toto.)

The classic 1939 movie is beloved by fans and licensors alike. Which brings us to CBS, which may have already retelevised the movie by the time you read this, and Turner Entertainment, which will regain the rights to Dorothy and friends by September 1999.

In the crucial intervening period--during which you can expect to see theatrical and home-video rereleases--Warner Bros. administers rights and arranges distribution. (Readers interested in pursuing licensing opportunities should contact Warner Bros. Worldwide Consumer Products in Burbank, California.) We haven't been able to peek behind the curtain, so we can't tell you what other events--if any--will commemorate the Kansas clan's sweet 60. But as the fearless foursome discovered, it's best to be prepared for anything.


Show Of Force: Look for toy giant Hasbro to debut an action figure from the new "Star Wars" movie this fall. The so-called "Episode One" (to be released next year) is expected to send sales of licensed products into a whole new galaxy. ... recording acts: Recent headlines about taped telephone conversations are bringing increased exposure to the surveillance industry. Would-be 007 consumers are buying secret recording devices as well as camera-equipped briefcases, eyeglass cases and pagers. ... how specialized can you get? Temporary employment agencies are plugging into the growing demand for personnel with expertise in Web navigation.


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