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New and notable software
  • Globalink Power Translator 6.0: If you do business globally, take a look at Globalink Power Translator. This product allows you to translate e-mail messages, Web pages, documents and more into French, German, Italian and Spanish. Designed for Windows users, Power Translator costs $149. Call (800) 255-5660 for more information or visit
  • On-Hold Plus CustomWorks: Every company should have a professional on-hold message. They're great for marketing new products and services, and they help assure customers that assistance is on the way. CustomWorks, for both Windows and Macintosh, helps you draft professional on-hold message scripts by prompting you with a series of screens and simple menu options. You then send the script to On-Hold to be produced by its team of professionals into four 30-second message segments. The process takes fewer than 10 days and costs $99. For more information, call (800) 727-4642 or visit
  • PageAbility: The world of e-mail just keeps getting smaller and smaller. There's almost nowhere you can go without being able to access your e-mail. PageAbility, a new software program from The Software Labs, lets you receive detailed messages on an alphanumeric pager or a digital PCS message-ready wireless phone. PageAbility works with popular personal information managers and contact managers, such as ACT!, Microsoft Outlook and Goldmine, to automatically send detailed daily schedule reminders to pagers. This Windows program also forwards e-mail messages from PCs to pagers. PageAbility costs $49.95. For more information, call (425) 869-6802 or visit

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