Making It Stick

Can't get the toll-free number of your dreams? Try this.

Exactly how is your company's toll-free number going to stick in the minds of prospective customers through the information blizzard the average person encounters every day? One popular method is the use of "vanity" 800 numbers, as in 1-800-FLOWERS. But as available toll-free numbers have dwindled, these catchy, easy-to-remember numbers are increasingly difficult to get.

To make vanity toll-free numbers available to more small businesses, Burlington, Vermont, Response Marketing Group created the Custom 800 Program, which allows vanity toll-free numbers to be shared by companies in different regions. "Many small companies don't need an 800 number that works nationwide," explains David Greenhaus, president of Response Marketing Group.

The program allows business owners to choose from hundreds of numbers and receive exclusive use of an 800 number within a specific territory. Businesses with multiple locations can have their calls automatically directed to the site closest to the calling party.

Custom 800 Program subscribers can request advice on how to use their toll-free numbers in print and broadcast ads. At no extra charge, Response Marketing will also track the response your number is getting from these ads.

Says Greenhaus, "We have numbers available for almost any type of business." For more information, call (800) NEW-SALES or visit Response Marketing's Web site at

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