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Postal Power

The USPS delivers new services for small businesses.

Like many providers of goods and services, the U.S. Postal Service has recognized the substantial market represented by small businesses, and has developed a number of programs to make your life easier.

Most large cities have Postal Business Centers, which offer personalized service and assist with unique mailing needs, from designing a mail piece to simply answering questions. Check the government section of your telephone directory to see if there's a Postal Business Center near you.

When you visit the Postal Service's Internet site at, you can look up ZIP code information, track Express Mail, find official abbreviations, and order shipping supplies. If you want to have stamps delievered to you, call (800) STAMP-24.

The Postal Service is also working on new services that will be available soon. One of these is Post Office Online, which will reduce the time it takes to prepare, mail and track shipments. Another service being developed is Liberty Cash, a prepaid card you can use to purchase postal products at your local post office. In addition, you'll soon be able to order stamps online.

Jacquelyn Lynn is a business writer in Winter Park, Florida.

This story appears in the July 1998 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »