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Safe Guards

Fearful parents pay for peace of mind.

When teddy bears were first equipped with hidden cameras, it almost seemed funny, didn't it? Nowadays, though, no one's laughing at the lengths to which parents are going to ensure their children's safety. Face it: In a two-working-parent, post-Nannygate era, parental fears over negligent (or worse) child-caregivers are inevitable.

Hence the heightened demand for businesses such as David Goodman's Philadelphia-based surveillance equipment company Eye On You Inc. Parents are snapping up such gadgets as camera-equipped clock radios and air fresheners. "There's just an increased awareness," says Goodman, 32, who projects sales of $500,000 this year.

Parents are also hiring companies in droves to check caregivers' backgrounds. Then, too, in the event of abduction, there are any number of child-identification products for purchase. Says Goodman, "It's sad, but [these products and services are] so worthwhile." So much for those teddy bear jokes.

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This story appears in the July 1998 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »