Marketing Stunts Gone Wrong

We take a closer look at 5 marketing ideas that were good in theory but failed miserably.
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A closer look at five marketing ideas that were good in theory but failed miserably

Despite the best-laid plans, history is littered with tales of businesses whose marketing stunts ran amok. According to a 1926 Associated Press article, there was a candy company in Berlin that tried dropping foil-wrapped chocolates on its citizens to advertise their services. But police had to step in after they received complaints of injuries from the falling sweets. In 1976, several airlines launched an ill-conceived marketing stunt and began giving away free drinks to coach passengers in order to convince people to fly. It was apparently popular with the public, but passengers weren't the only ones getting hammered: So were the companies' bottom lines, as passengers drank up their profits.

To help you learn from other business's mistakes--and avoid these PR nightmares--here's our view of five marketing stunts that flopped