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None Of Your Business

Protecting your privacy.

This story appears in the October 1998 issue of

One of the biggest threats to homebased business owners is loss of privacy. While the right to privacy is paramount to the safety and security of homebased business owners, technology jeopardizes our ability to keep certain information about ourselves private. We're living in a cyberworld of globally networked databases and highly sophisticated computers with the capability to collect, store, disseminate and broadcast all kinds of personal information.

Not surprisingly, serious concerns about the accessibility of personal records have arisen. The computerization of records increases the risk of intrusion and misuse. The threat of data being stolen and copied, not to mention the threat of strangers being able to access information about you, frightens most people. But invasion of homebased business owners' privacy differs in that it endangers not only the entrepreneur and his or her business, but his or her family and home as well.

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