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Shop Talk

Here's your 'in' at the neighborhood mall.

What are the chances of achieving entrepreneurial success in a super mall? With the support of Chicago-based General Growth Properties Inc.'s franchise leasing program, you might be surprised.

General Growth aggressively markets its shopping centers not only to existing franchisees but also to prospective franchisees. In an effort to recruit entrepreneurial prospects, the company splits 50 percent of advertising costs with franchisors, places banners and brochures in vacant spaces at its centers, and hosts educational business opportunity seminars.

By matching franchisees with franchisors like Mrs. Fields and Subway, the company cuts its placement process in half while helping people become entrepreneurs. General Growth also distributes a bi-monthly franchise newsletter that covers trends, opportunities and success stories.

Why does the nation's second-largest shopping mall company go the extra mile for entrepreneurs? "We want to let [prospects] know we're a big company that will help you get started, develop a business plan, obtain financing and structure the right deal economically," explains David Grossman, director of franchise development. "Simply put, we want to be a franchise resource in any given community."

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