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Replace Your PC and Improve Productivity

Your flabby PC is putting you at risk. It's time to slim down and tone up.

This story appears in the January 2007 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

PC's aren't that different from a lot of us: They just sit around all day getting flabby. So if you want to squeeze another year out of your machine--or even retrofit it with Windows Vista in '07--there's no better time to put it on a regular program of tuning up and toning up.

I don't know your machine personally, of course. But even if it isn't bogged down with Trojans and (as so many are), just the way Windows goes about its business will pack flab on the fastest hunk of hardware. A PC's Registry can get cluttered with outdated keys that waste processor cycles and have marginally useful or even harmful proc-esses in system memory. Just one day of will thoroughly fragment a C: drive. And out-of-shape PCs are more likely to be pushed around by hackers.

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