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Reconnect With Your Prospects

Don't wait to get back in touch with old prospects--now's the time!

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More people go on fad diets, start exercise programs and renew their goals at this time of year than any other. Many people also see the as a great time to get in touch with old acquaintances. Well, I have a theory about this, and it comes from Ralph Waldo Emerson: "Today is a king in disguise." Why do we wait for next month, after a holiday or after the first day of a new year to start afresh? Why not use every day? It's the most effective way to find new .

The more you're in front of prospects, the better chance you have of creating good timing. Many executives agree that most happen after the fifth call. Yet most salespeople give up after the first. Sometimes, after constant follow-up, the timing becomes better for the prospect to act than when you first called. You create better timing by sticking with it.

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