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Being ignored by your computer's speech-recognition software? Either you're dictating with your mouth full or there's just too much ambient noise in the room. If noise is the problem, try using Andrea Electronics' Netset NC-50 PC Headset. Unlike many other computer microphones on the market, the Netset incorporates noise-cancellation that's specifically designed for use with speech-recognition software, which can be easily confused or distracted by background noise. Comfortable for daily wear, the headset features high-quality earphones and an adjustable microphone boom built into a rugged, lightweight frame. Netset also comes bundled with a variety of and Internet telephony software.

Netset NC-50 PC Headset
Andrea Electronics
Street Price: $29.95

A Real Bender

When it comes to notebook , flexibility is the hallmark of a great design. The multibay system of Compaq's Prosignia Notebook line promotes flexibility by allowing users to replace the computer's floppy drive with a second hard drive for up to 12GB of expanded storage, or a second lithium ion battery, increasing battery life to five hours. The Prosignia's design has also eliminated the bulky AC power adapter by integrating it into the body of the notebook. Equipped with a 56K modem and Internet-access software preinstalled, getting online with this notebook is as easy as pushing the single "instant access" button located beneath the Prosignia's 14.1 inch color TFT panel.

Prosignia Notebook
Compaq Computer
Street Price: from $1,999

On and On

No matter how well you plan them, meetings always seem to take longer (and cost more) than you'd like. The Performance Manager offers a convenient and subtle way of reminding your staff that time is money by displaying a running total of the exact amount the meeting is costing in a large easy-to-read LCD display. Using the simple programming buttons, the unit can be preset with the time allotted for up to 14 individual topics and the per-hour costs of the participants, both of which can be changed with the push of a button. Powered by one lithium battery (included), the Manager is wall mountable and can also function as a clock or timer.

Performance Manager
Scherer Cutler Inc.
Street Price: $350


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