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Energy Stars

Finding energy-efficient hardware.

During your next upgrade cycle, consider investing in energy-efficient hardware to help battle rising energy costs and consumption in your business. Finding energy-efficient systems gets easier all the time. Sun Microsystems met with the EPA last April about setting a standard metric for measuring energy efficiency in servers. Sun has already introduced low power consumption servers, and the trend is spreading.

Dell recently announced an energy-saving initiative for its business desktops. The redesigned Dell OptiPlex 745, coupled with a flat-panel display, uses up to 70 percent less power than previous OptiPlex designs. The PowerEdge server line consumes up to 25 percent less energy than earlier models. Visit to access an energy efficiency resource guide and to estimate your power savings using Dell products.

With Google pushing more energy-efficient computers and the 80 PLUS incentive plan for more efficient computer power supplies, look for more ways to save energy this year.

This story appears in the February 2007 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »