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Keep the Peace in Your Company

Getting your company's departments to work in harmony is sometimes a battle, but you can keep discord from reigning supreme.

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Business is good for Michael Cooch, founder of 4-year-old Everon Technology Services, a Boston IT firm that serves SMBs. The company's clientele encompasses industries from schools to government lobbying firms to retail shops, and sales are projected to surpass $5 million this year. "We've grown over 100 percent per year since we started the company," says Cooch, 33. "There's a good market for our services out there."

The competition, however, can get fierce among Everon's 35 service delivery employees, its three sales employees and its one-employee marketing department. The marketing department researches and generates leads and gives them to the sales team, but the service team has veto power over all sales deals and can advise the sales department on how to sell a prospect. The result can be tension--and sometimes rivalry. "There's a strong back-and-forth between the sales team and the service team," Cooch says. "It's a very competitive group."

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