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Motherly advice.

Mama said there'd be days like this, right? In this month's book roundup, motherly advice is given its due:

"Mom's timeless wisdom, her fundamental values, are desperately needed, as well as enormously effective, in business life today," writes Rhonda Abrams in Wear Clean Underwear: Business Wisdom From Mom (Villard Books, $22.95). Aside from an undeniably catchy title, Wear Clean Underwear rates a read for its down-to-earth truisms.

For a wackier time, check out David Lindsay's The Patent Files: Dispatches From the Frontiers of Invention (The Lyons Press, $22.95). If you've ever wondered whether you're a Thomas Edison in waiting, this book could tip the scales.

Finally, assess the communication skills of yourself and others in Straight Talk: Turning Communication Upside Down For Strategic Results at Work (Davies-Black Publishing, $26.95). Eric F. Douglas may not be as plain-spoken as Mom, but his Straight Talk gets points for its attention to detail. No failures to communicate here.

Heard On the Street

  • California, here they come: If you're wondering where the customers are, look westward. According to recent Census Bureau statistics, the western region of the country--particularly California--reigns in terms of population growth. Interestingly, Nevada retains the top ranking for the 13th consecutive year in terms of rate of growth. Any bets on whether the home state of Las Vegas can continue its winning streak?
  • Come together: As spearheaded by Vice President Al Gore, the federal government's BusinessLINC program encourages partnerships between corporations both big and small--especially in economically distressed areas--through federal contracts and mentoring opportunities. Visit for details.
  • Open for business? Although a Cuban trade embargo is still in effect, the U.S. is easing up restrictions: The Clinton administration has announced provisions that allow for the sale of agricultural items to family restaurants and private farmers in Cuba.
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