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Netgear's handset lets you take both VoIP and traditional calls.

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Back in the misty dawn of VoIP, early humans chatted over PC mics and speakers chiseled in stone. Then came headsets, handsets tethered to a PC, and finally, handsets wirelessly connected to docking cradles tethered to PCs. Traditional, Plain Old Service calls were always a separate issue.

Netgear's Dual-Mode Cordless Phone with (SPH200D) is another small step for mankind: one cordless handset that can take both VoIP and POTS calls while you roam around your home or office. The SPH200D base station plugs into both your Wi-Fi network router and a telephone wall jack. Calls travel wirelessly to the handset over the 1.9 GHz band (to avoid interfering with other common devices). Since no software or Wi-Fi configuration is required, the system takes less time to set up than to describe in print.

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