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A business coach may be just what your employees need to do their best.

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Rob Basso knows the benefits of working with a personal coach--and today his do, too. Basso, owner of Hicksville, -based Advantage Payroll Services, has hired trainers to work with his 25 employees. But in 2005, dissatisfaction with the $3.5 million company's sales approach and results led the entrepreneur to hire an outsider to coach his five-person sales team.

"We asked our sales coach to help us develop a different way to sell our products and services," says Basso, 34. Basso hoped a coach would go beyond the trainer's job of giving employees needed skills and see that new skills were put to use. After 18 months, he's calling the experiment a success. "[The number of clients was] up roughly 23 percent from 2005 to 2006," Basso says. "Is that all attributable to the sales coach? No, but it was a major help."

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