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Selling Points

Our yearlong look at an herbal pharmacy's start-up

This story appears in the July 1999 issue of Business Start-Ups magazine.

As consumers, we face solicitations and downright harassment on a daily basis, whether from small businesses mistaking our cars for telephone poles or large companies "tactfully" attempting to sell us on their latest deal. (Just a reminder to any business using the cold-call method: Make sure your telemarketers are well-versed in script-reading, because nothing's worse than a stuttering annoyance.) So what do you do when you're suddenly the advertiser?

Overkill can cost you customers, but you do want to let them know you exist. Leave it to Littleton, Colorado, natural pharmacy owner (and this month's birthday boy) Scott Fiore to know how to strategize a nonintrusive, yet pretty darn successful, marketing campaign.

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