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Glastonbury: Music Festival Or Kate Moss Fashion Show?

A survey in Metro yesterday said that 1/3rd of women going to a music festival buy new wardrobes for the event. Glastonbury, the legendary British music festival, is this weekend. Kate Moss took festival wear to a new level when she paired tiny dresses with big, green $100 (UK 50 pounds) Huntress brand Wellington boots at Glastonbury festivals in year's past.

The forecast this weekend is for rain and more rain which is good news for the boot makers, Hunter Boot. Previously called Hunter Rubber Company, it dates from 1856 and was bought out of administration by some of its shareholders and the founder of Thomas Pink shirts last spring for $7 million (or UK pounds 3.5 million). The problem is that without that little red box, one pair of Wellington boots is pretty much like any other and Hunter, like other legendary British brands, struggles with the high costs associated with producing products in the UK. Jobs at the 100-person factory were halved before the company went bankrupt and attempts to diversify into hats and colored boots also failed to work. The new owners have moved some production to Asia, but the high-end Wellies Kate will likely be wearing this weekend are still Scottish. For now.

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