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New services allow you to send oversized files across the Net.

This story appears in the September 1999 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

You've just written up a lengthy contract and need to show it to a far-flung group of clients ASAP. Or maybe it's a complex business proposal you've prepared--with complicated spreadsheets, a set of PowerPoint slides and maybe even a narration you've recorded on your computer's hard drive. You could send paper copies or computer disks by overnight mail, but there's no time. Faxing the papers would be faster, but your slides would arrive only in black and white. Oh, you say, just send the materials via regular e-mail. Alas, beyond a couple of megabytes in size, large files often fail to traverse the Internet intact. And e-mail delivery is neither guaranteed nor traceable.

One solution: Use one of the Web's new document delivery services. They're specifically designed to transfer large digital files--up to a full gigabyte--with complete, intact and secure delivery guaranteed. By employing their own powerful servers as relay stations, these services get around the limits that many ISPs and corporations impose on the size of e-mails they'll handle. And like their physical counterparts, such as FedEx and UPS, they provide notification when your intended recipients open the files you send them.

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