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Need to lose some PC weight?

Shave off the bulk with a lighter Office version.

If the thought of weighing down your PC with Microsoft Office 2007 gives you pause, why not take the taste test? Version 2.2 can satisfy your craving for a word processor, spreadsheet program, database manager, drawing program and multimedia presenter without leaving your PC feeling bloated.

The long-standing Microsoft alternative looks like Office, works like Office and swaps files created in Windows and Mac versions of Office as well as PDFs and other popular formats. With more than 80 million downloads logged, it's estimated that about one-fifth of small businesses have tried the free suite. 2.2
Price: Free

Perpetual Motion
Imagine getting high-speed internet connectivity without even being near a hot spot. With the LE1700 Tablet PC, your internet onramp goes where you go. Motion Computing has partnered with Sprint to deliver the first slate with a built-in cellular modem and wide-area connectivity in more than 220 major metropolitan markets--to start. Powered by your choice of Intel Core processors, the 3.3-pound LE1700 has a 12.1-inch SXGA+ display that lets you navigate Windows Vista via stylus or touch for up to three hours, or six hours with the extended battery option.

Motion Computing
LE1700 Tablet PC
Price: Starts at $2,000

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