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What is blueberry- or tangerine-flavored and portable? The Apple iBook, which follows in the footsteps of its larger sibling, the iMac. With a zippy 300 MHz G3 processor and 3.2GB hard drive, the iBook is loaded enough to take on the business world. Its 32MB of standard RAM is expandable to 160MB. A 24X CD-ROM drive, a 56 Kbps modem, a 12.1-inch active matrix display and Mac OS 8.6 are all part of the package. Up to six hours of battery life per charge keeps the iBook powered on the go. An optional Apple AirPort networking card lets you surf the Internet wirelessly around the office or house.


  • Apple Computers
  • (800) 538-9696
  • Street Price: $1,599

In Profile

Gateway has joined the all-in-one PC fray with the K6-2 400 MHz Profile SE PC. A slim 15-inch LCD monitor comes with an integrated floppy drive and a 24X CD-ROM drive. Storage space is a comfy 64MB RAM (expandable to 256MB) with a 4.3GB hard drive. Microsoft Windows 98 and Works Suite 99 come preloaded. At around 17 pounds and only 7 inches deep, the Profile SE PC is ideal for clutter-prone, space-scarce offices. A one-year limited warranty comes along for the ride.

Profile se PC

  • Gateway
  • (800) GATEWAY
  • Street price: $1,999

Grab A Handful

There are all sizes and shapes of handheld PCs hitting the market. Compaq's Aero 8000 clocks in at just under 3 pounds with a 10-inch screen and a fairly large keyboard. What's really new is an embedded Smart Card reader/writer and a set of preloaded security applications. The Smart Card feature limits access to users with an authorized Smart Card and/or password. Up to 13 hours of battery life power the Aero 8000 for all-day use in the field or on the road. A 128 MHz processor and 56 Kbps modem keep the Windows CE operating system going.

Aero 8000

  • Compaq
  • (800) 345-1518
  • Street Price: $949

Share Alike

If you have a laptop, a Palm III and a desktop PC and you want to hook them all up to the Internet, you have to buy three different modems, right? Not anymore. If you don't mind swapping around, the Trogon Unimicro 56K modem works with just about any Palm OS, Windows CE or Windows 95/98 machine with a serial port. Running on two AAA batteries, the Unimicro weighs in at just under 3 ounces and is about the size of a pager.

UniMicro 56K Modem

  • Trogon Computer Corp.
  • (888) 487-6466
  • Street Price: $109

C Pen Run

At 5 ounces, the C Pen 200 information appliance isn't much bigger than a regular pen. Unlike a regular pen though, you sweep the C Pen over text and it captures the writing. Like most scanner software, the C Pen's built-in Optical Character Recognition system allows the captured text to be handily transferred to your Windows 95/98 computer for editing. Two megabytes of flash memory can hold up to 100 pages from magazines, books, business cards or whatever printed text you choose.

C Pen 200

  • C Technologies
  • (877) ASK-CPEN
  • Street Price: $200

Hands Off!

People keep secrets. Even businesses sometimes need to keep secrets. If you store your sensitive documents in a cabinet, a TouchAlert lock and alarm can act as a 24-hour guard. Installable on most file cabinets and storage containers, the TouchAlert tracks each authorized use by recording the number of the key holder, and sounds an alarm and flashes a light when unauthorized access is attempted. Up to 480 access entries can be recorded and downloaded to a Palm III for viewing and tracking. A transfer cable and AuditLink software are available for $190.


  • Videx
  • (541) 758-0521
  • Street Price: $132


Aside from the blatant Apple iMac imitation, emachines' eOne 433 PC is a fairly well-equipped and inexpensive all-in-one computer. The 64MB RAM, a 6.4GB hard drive and a 433 MHz Intel Celeron processor offer sufficient horsepower to handle the installed Windows 98 and Microsoft Works. A 24X CD-ROM drive, a 56 Kbps modem and a floppy drive cover the bases. The built-in 15-inch monitor has a 14-inch viewable area. Two USB ports and two PCMCIA slots are integrated into the eOne.

eone 433 PC

  • emachines
  • (877) 566-3463
  • Street Price: $799

Prints Charming

They may be best known for their copiers, but Xerox's line also covers inkjet printers. The parallel port DocuPrint C11 supports a sizable 1,200 x 1,200 maximum dpi resolution. It also clocks in with nine pages per minute (ppm) in black and five ppm in color, so there's not as much waiting around. A one-year warranty covers unlimited toll-free tech support. System requirements are 486 or faster processor, 8MB RAM, 20MB hard-drive space and Windows 3.1/95/98/NT 4.0.

DocuPrint C11

  • Xerox
  • (800) team-xrx
  • Street Price: $199

It's A Bird . . . It's A Plane . . .

It's Imation's SuperDisk drive. A floppy-replacement drive, the SuperDisk can read regular 1.44MB floppy disks as well as 120MB capacity SuperDisks that look very similar to old-style floppies. It's a hefty storage amount that rivals Zip drives. This drive clocks data-reading speeds up to 23 times faster than a standard floppy drive. A $99 internal IDE version is available as well as $169 USB drives for Macintosh and PC.

SuperDisk Parallel Port Drive

  • Imation
  • (888) 466-3456
  • Street Price: $149
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