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Everybody loves Christmas lights, which mesmerize kids and adults alike. But those lights don't just magically appear like Santa's stocking stuffers. A lot of time and effort goes into putting together spectacular light shows. And because most homeowners don't have the time or patience to decorate their homes, Christmas Decor Inc., a holiday and event decorating service, does the job for them.

Louis Petrik, 30, heard about the franchise at the Associated Landscape Contractors of America Convention. He and his wife, Lynn, 31, liked what they saw and thought it was a great addition to their 4-year-old landscaping business, L&L Lawncare in Austin, Texas. "The demand for [holiday decorating] is there, and once it starts, it's like a rollercoaster trying to keep up with it," says Petrik.

With a baby on the way, the Petriks' first year was even more hectic than usual, but they ended the season with $60,000 in sales--surpassing their landscaping sales for the entire year. According to Christmas Decor, most contractors double or triple their numbers the second year.

Most Christmas Decor franchisees use the business as an add-on to bring in sales for existing businesses during the slow times of year. "It's really good revenue in an off season, when most [lawn-care] contractors aren't making any money," says Louis Petrik, who believes his 200 customers this year will help him top last year's sales figures.

During the year, he has three regular employees, increasing to 14 or more during the holiday season. (Business usually starts to pick up in late October.) Christmas Decor franchisees work with residential and commercial customers to create the best designs for their homes or office buildings, and provide the supplies, such as lights, wreaths, garlands and yard art. Some projects only take a few hours, while others take an entire day and can cost up to $4,000. Franchisees go through three days of training, are offered advanced training sessions each year and attend the company's annual convention.

One of the more memorable projects Petrik worked on was a Mexican restaurant. The order called for pink, green, orange and purple lights wrapped around the palm and oak trees surrounding the property. "When we first got the order, I thought `God, this is going to look so gaudy,' " says Petrik. "But it looked wonderful."

With 200 locations, Christmas Decor is seeking franchisees nationwide. Start-up costs range from $17,600 to $38,900.

Rubbing The Right Way

By Karin L. Henderson

Getting caught up in the stress of life is easy to do--and exhausting. Sure, people can pause to smell the roses. But others prefer to alleviate the weight of the world by getting a massage. Great American Backrub Store franchisees take care of those needy backs and shoulders.

The Clearwater, Florida-based company provides back rubs and stress-reduction products. Customers take a seat while professional massage therapists knead the tension away.

The Great American Backrub Store has locations in California, New York, Texas and Canada, but there's plenty of room to stretch. The company is hoping to expand worldwide and is seeking franchisees with business-management skills and the desire to be actively involved in store operations. Start-up costs range from $118,000 to $188,550.

Good Vibrations

By Karen Axelton

Tony Gill, 32, and Christina Bornstein, 31, a lipstick is not just a lipstick--it's a tool for restoring the spirit. The founders of New York City-based Tony & Tina's Vibrational Remedies infuse their cosmetics and nail polish with colors and scents they believe work therapeutically to balance the body's seven main energy centers, or chakras.

Now Tony & Tina's is bringing its products home with a new business opportunity. Licensees hold home parties, featuring palmists, auric readers or energy healers, where guests take part in meditations and visualizations to help them determine the best "vibrational remedy" to restore balance to body and mind. (Of course, there's a lot of playing with lipstick and eye shadow, too.)

Licensees receive a commission on products sold, plus a percentage of the sales made by other reps they recruit. Tony & Tina's is seeking licensees nationwide; the initial cost is $100 to $200.

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