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Where Are The Riot Grrls?

Times are better than ever for entrepreneurial women. So why aren't more of them in your face?

This story appears in the December 1999 issue of Business Start-Ups magazine.

The entrepreneurial boys are everywhere--smart, shrewd, mega-rich and so unnaturally young, you wonder if you'll ever see gray hair on the cover of a business magazine again. Billionaires just seem to get greener and greener. Yet, with startlingly few exceptions, they don't seem to get much more female.

Most of us can name at least half a dozen men under 40 who have made walloping millions. But the number of similarly high-profile young entrepreneurial women is disarmingly small. For entrepreneurial women, the analogy goes something like this: Overexposed: Michael Dell. Underdeveloped: Your Name Here.

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