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The portability of palm-sized PCs has made them immensely popular, but you don't have to spend the rest of your business days inputting with a stylus. The iBIZ KeySync Keyboard is compatible with 3Com's PalmPilot, Palm III series and PalmV. Sixty-two keys, a compact 10-by-4.5-by-1.25-inch size and six programmable function keys are handy features. Connection is made through a serial cable, from the standard palm cradle or iBIZ's new folding travel cradle. The KeySync runs on three AAA batteries, sparing your palmtop's battery juice.

KeySync Keyboard

  • iBIZ Technology
  • (800) 234-0707
  • Street price: $89

This Scan Is My Scan

If you don't want to bother with--or pay for--the latest 2-megapixel digital camera or hassle with a flatbed scanner, there's another option for getting photos into your computer. The Minolta Dimage Scan Dual film scanner accepts 35mm positive or negative strip film and slides. A maximum resolution of 2,438 dpi means crisp transferred images. Compatible with Windows 95/98/NT 4.0 and Macintosh OS 7.1 or higher, the Scan Dual uses a SCSI connection. (You have to provide the SCSI card if you don't already have one.) Adobe PhotoShop LE is included.

Dimage Scan Dual

  • Minolta
  • (201) 825-4000
  • Street price: $399

Light Computing

It's the case of the incredible shrinking notebook. Sony has shaved the VAIO Z505S down to just 3.5 pounds and 1-inch thickness. Compared with 6 to 8 pounds for an average notebook, that's a lot of weight off your shoulder. Although a lightweight at 64MB SDRAM, 6.4GB hard-drive space and a 333 MHz Intel Celeron processor, the Z505S is still a contender. A V.90 modem, integrated 10/100 Ethernet and two USB ports come standard. The Windows 98 software bundle includes Microsoft Works and Adobe PhotoDeluxe.

VAIO Z505S SuperSlim Pro Notebook

  • Sony Electronics
  • (800) 222-SONY
  • Street price: $2,299
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