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Add content to your site by using syndication services.

Fueling content for your Web site can be an editorial headache and a financial drain. Fully or partially subsidizing your site content with purchased syndicated columns, news, horoscopes, weather, sports, comics and the like is a time-saving and economical option. If you're looking for some text mortar to fill in a few gaps, consider the following:

  • AlterNet ( offers low-cost and top-notch syndicated content for the independent and alternative press. Op-ed pieces and feature stories on social justice and popular culture abound.
  • ClariNet ( sends 2,500 hard-hitting news stories across the Web wires each day. A must for anyone interested in providing visitors with real journalism, this company delivers news via HTML or the Usenet newsgroups (a more digestible, slimmer version to save space on your Web host's server). ClariNet specializes in content for corporate sites, ISP home pages and educational institutions.
  • iSyndicate ( is out to rule the world in providing Web site content. The company carries a wide range of serial content or one-shots and boasts more than 3,000 works for sale. There's also free headline content available for registered users, and targeted syndicates on everything from health to business.
  • TimesLink ( provides high-quality, seductive feature stories on travel, personal finance, golf, parenting, entertainment news, environmental issues, regular columns, an opinion section and an interactive crossword puzzle, all under the auspices of the Los Angeles Times.

Karen Solomon ( writes about technology and e-business for a number of publications, including Wired and Business 2.0.

This story appears in the February 2000 issue of Startups. Subscribe »