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BullsEye Pro 1.5 Web search program

Like a world-class librarian on steroids, BullsEye Pro 1.5 brings new meaning to the phrase "Web Search." Programmed to tap into more than 450 Internet search engines and databases, BullsEye can perform powerful, highly customizable Web searches in a matter of minutes. The result: hordes of categorized data summarized in easily edited and analyzed reports. Bonus: It'll even do searches in the off-hours while you snooze. This is essential gear for any serious Web sleuth.

  • BullsEye Pro 1.5
  • Street Price: $149
  • Requires: Windows 95/98/NT, 16MB RAM, 15MB hard-drive space, 28.8 KBPS Internet connection
  • IntelliSeek
  • Cincinati
  • (513) 772-6900

J.W. Dysart (, a software analyst and Internet business consultant, has written for more than 40 publications, including The New York Times.

This story appears in the February 2000 issue of Startups. Subscribe »