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Free Security Software Custom-Made For Smaller Businesses

Untangle's software provides network access and security for smaller businesses. And because it's open source, many of its services are free.

Small and midsize companies have the same network access and security issues as their larger peers do, but most don't have an in-house IT staff to monitor usage and can't afford the sophisticated applications required to ensure their networks are truly secure.

Untangle's suite of Web-based, on-demand security software is designed to help smaller companies keep up. Its software starts with the basics -- network access and network security -- and includes applications that can help smaller businesses control Web and email access as well as fight spam and viruses.

These free, open source applications are what CEO Bob Walters calls Untangle's "calling card." The company also sells premium services such as VoIP and remote, off-site backup. According to Walters, these kinds of services are typically too complex and too expensive for smaller companies. "Untangle is changing all of that," he promises.

Check out these short, informative videos to learn more about how Untangle hopes to change how small businesses get their software.


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