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Take It With You

Hard-traveling photography and digital media entrepreneur Danya Henninger, co-founder of Imagic with her husband Mark, makes the most of web apps both old and new. She took time out to discuss her must-have online applications.

Finances: QuickBooks Online Edition

"Our first web app was QuickBooks Online Edition in 2003. Once we tried it, there was no going back to the desktop."


Remote Access: GoToMyPC

"We have been subscribers since 2004. We use it to access our desktop applications remotely if we need to use Photoshop."


E-mail: Gmail

"Having e-mail anywhere, anytime these days is critical. E-mail is the main communication in my business. The features, conversations and labels really help me in running a business."


Office Suite: Google Docs and Spreadsheets

"I haven't bought Microsoft Office since 2003. I use Docs and Spreadsheets as my word processor, and it opens Microsoft Word documents and Excel Spreadsheets."


Faxing: Send2Fax

"One of the web applications that seems a little anachronistic is a fax service called Send2Fax. Some people still want to deal with paper and faxes. I can fax and receive faxes from anywhere."


Online Storage and Sharing: Iomega iStorage and Adobe Share

"We use it to send large files to clients. We can deliver the product online. I just got into the Adobe Share beta. It worked out perfectly."

Photo Gallery: A self-built web app

"I built an online application for our clients where we post a preview gallery of all of the images so they can interactively check them off or add comments to them."

This story appears in the April 2008 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »