Superhero's Journey

Get your business flying with a little inspiration and watch as impossible feats seem more and more possible.
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Superheroes' abilities to accomplish amazing feats come in part from their belief in themselves. Having superhuman powers isn't enough; superheroes must have the courage to take action, too. Passion and a positive mental attitude enable them to leap tall buildings, shield themselves from bullets and even fly.

The same is true for entrepreneurs; you have the power to improve your business as long as you remain inspired. Inspiration motivates you to take action and discover effective solutions. It is the heartbeat of your business. When you change the way you think about a challenge, you immediately affect your results. There's a solution to any problem you face; you just have to have the confidence to find it.

1.Think possibility. Inspiration helps push you beyond the obvious, but it isn't a passive activity. The eureka moment you need can be found anywhere, anytime-- as long as you actively seek it out and relentlessly look for solutions. Ignite your awareness by thinking, "What is possible?" when you feel stuck. Allow yourself to brainstorm on your next action. Your brain and heart will connect the dots when you remember to engage them.

2.Take action from the source of your personal power. Anyone can have an idea or ruminate on a theory. Innovation occurs where the rubber meets the road: turning your idea into action. Fear often holds people back from going for and achieving their goals. Become mentally tough and concentrate on the task in front of you--not on what may happen in the future. Energize your efforts by combining the possibilities around you with fresh ideas.

3.Surround yourself with ever-changing influences. We're born curious. As we mature, the energy surrounding us affects our ability to remain innovative, inspired and optimistic. Improve the collaborative nature of your work by continually mixing things up and discovering new influences. If you're a reader, pick a book from a different genre than the one you're accustomed to. If you enjoy social gatherings, try one with people from a different age group or social circle. Change provides the inspiration for different solutions you can implement. Let others' optimism challenge you to surpass your previous efforts.

4.Be inspirationally magnetic. A positive attitude helps you find the knowledge you need to succeed. Catch yourself when you're being pessimistic, then switch gears by coming up with one action you can take to move forward. This won't eliminate negative thinking, but it will shorten the duration of time you feel uninspired. Taking action adds to your emotional bank account and provides the motivation you need to achieve your goals.

It takes courage to remain positively inspired regardless of difficulties that may arise. The payoff is a significant boost in your energy level and your personal performance. You'll be amazed that you can feel as optimistic as a child yet take action like a polished business owner.

Romanus Wolter, aka "The Kick Start Guy," is author of Kick Start Your Success and Kick Start Your Dream Business. Write to him at

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