Lingo for Thriving in a Web Economy

The language of technology moves as fast as the technology itself. Here's a roundup of the latest terms.
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Lingo Why you need to know it
advermation: the cross between advertising and information. It's a form of online advertising portrayed not so much as a marketing message as it is information to the viewer. Unlike TV viewers, internet users can easily click past an advertisement. Informative ads that don't turn a user off are more likely to result in page views.
angry garden salad: a slang term for a poorly designed and incorrectly coded website interface (when you click one link, it launches something completely different) Make sure your interface is user-friendly and your links are functioning correctly; otherwise, visitors will head out the door and not come back.
cornea gumbo: a visually distracting and over-designed website with too many graphics, images and animation Another website no-no. Overstimulation can overwhelm the visitor and muddle your brand and company message.
infosnacking: the act of jumping online at various times throughout the day for brief intervals Because you only have internet users' attention for short moments, information needs to be in brief, catchy and easily digestible chunks.
interstitial: a form of ad that appears in a pop-up browser window when a user moves from one page to another. Different from banner ads, they can contain large graphics, streaming media or applets. Interstitials are just one more advertising option for you--and one users are guaranteed to see. However, they're not a favorite of internet users because they slow down access to the destination page.
mash-up: a web-based application that combines two or more services or tools from diverse websites to create a unique, multilevel tool Mash-ups are where web apps are headed, so creating them and/or implementing them into your website puts you on the same page as today's web users.
PeelAway: a new form of pop-up ad that appears in the top right-hand corner of a web page. Resembles the page of a book that can be "peeled away" to reveal the ad underneath This form of pop-up ad doesn't get in the way as others do, yet is still effective.
Plugoo: a widget that's connected to your IM provider, allowing you to chat in real time with your site visitors Being easily accessible to your customers adds credibility, puts your brand top-of-mind and builds trust and loyalty.
rasterbator: a web designer who suffers from CDM, or compulsive digital manipulation, in addition to obsessively tweaking designs and abusing Photoshop Whether you hire out or design yourself, a rasterbator will end up producing an undesirable website--one that suffers from cornea gumbo (see above definition).
TweetBeep: likened to Google Alerts for Twitter, TweetBeep is a free tracking and alert service that monitors conversations mentioning you, your company's name and more, and sends you e-mails as these mentions occur. It's always good to know who's talking about you and what they're saying. TweetBeep is good for staying tuned in to your industry, managing your company's reputation and networking.
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