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Stretch Your Tech Buck

10 tech essentials that can give your startup more power for less money.

This story appears in the June 2009 issue of Start Up.

New startups can get creative about cutting expenses, but there are some tools you just can't work without. Here are 10 technology essentials for any new business and tips for not busting your budget when you're out shopping.

1.Desktop Computer

High-end muscle computers look cool and pack enough power to run a small country, but a $1,500 desktop is overkill for most startups. Around $400 will get you a capable desktop with a monitor thrown in. If you have extra cash floating around, consider tossing it at a second matching monitor to boost your productivity. Exceptions to the low-cost desktop: If you need to run heavy-duty multimedia software, process HD video and crunch massive databases, spend more for a higher-end computer.

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