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You Can Rebuild It

Sometimes you just have to melt down and start over.

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When slows, entrepreneurs often take off their marketer's hat and put on their accountant's hat. My rich dad often said, "The problem with accountants running a business is that they forget where their paychecks come from."

That was my rich dad's way of saying, "Our paychecks come from our customers." For years, I have been encouraging readers to keep promoting rather than cutting back--especially in a tough economy. In other words, when putting on your marketer's hat, keep talking to your customers; don't hide from them.

Great Business Transformation

iPod: Firmly planted in the music distribution business

Tupperware: Gave an extra "burp" to food storage (and direct selling)

Prius: Its mass appeal made 's competitors green with envy

Scotch Tape: Made 3M the clear choice for everyday adhesives

Keds Sneakers: Turned U.S. Rubber into a footwear trendsetter (in 1916)

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