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The Office Manager

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Regardless of who the office manager is within the company, they should possess the following qualifications:

*Knowledge of accounting

*Experience in purchasing

*Management of records

*Supervisory experience

All of these abilities are extremely important, since the office manager will formulate procedures for the administrative staff to follow. The office manager will be responsible for secretaries, general typists, word processors, accounting clerks, record supervisors, receptionists and mail-room assistants.

An efficient office manager will need to carry out these responsibilities:

*Create an office manual to record procedures and maintain administrative guidelines.

*Recruit and maintain an administrative staff.

*Work with the individuals responsible for hiring new employees to make sure the positions outlined meet job requirements.

*Evaluate and alter the office manual as the company grows or as new equipment is added to reflect the changes required in training, staffing, and job descriptions.

*Provide resources that will allow office staff to perform their designated functions.

*Create work schedules for each administrative employee.

*Delegate tasks properly to ensure a steady flow of work. Invoices need to be paid on time, finances and correspondence must be kept in order, and no one person should be overloaded.

*Set performance standards for each administrative job and periodically review each employee.

In order to fulfill the responsibilities outlined above, the office manager must be familiar with the company's purpose or mission, its goals and objectives, and the philosophy by which it conducts business, according to Carl Heyel and Belden Menkus in Handbook of Management for the Growing Business.

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