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Doggone It, People Like Me!

Daily affirmations work for you.

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Make daily affirmations work for you.

Remember Stuart Smalley? You know, the guy on Saturday Night Live who'dgaze in the mirror and, with a plastered smile, recite aloud, "I'm good enough.I'm smart enough. And, doggone it, people like me." Don't let this spoofput a bad taste in your mouth about using affirmations: They really dowork--when you do them properly.

How do you create affirmations that work for you? Ron Guzik, a motivationalspeaker and business consultant in Glendale Heights, Illinois, and author ofThe Inner Game of Entrepreneuring, a book that shows readers how toachieve the various psychological qualities entrepreneurs need to succeed,offers the following four tips:

1. Make affirmations personal. The purpose of using affirmations,according to Guzik, is to reinforce a personal trait that you want to seedeveloped or changed in your life. For example, if you're a chronicprocrastinator, repeat to yourself something like "I'm on top of things, and Ifollow up on projects with energy and attention to detail."

2. Use the present tense. "Many of the people who do brain researchtoday believe your day-to-day actions come out of your subconscious mind," saysGuzik. "Positive, present-tense affirmations are about trying to encourage,reinforce and build the subconscious beliefs you want to have in the future."

3. Be specific. Guzik likens using affirmations to setting goals. "Youdon't want generic or vague goals," says Guzik. "You want a specific targetyou're aiming for; then you focus your consciousness and attention on thattarget. It's the same thing with your affirmations."

4. Invoke feeling. "Many times when people have goals, what they reallywant are the feelings they get when they achieve their goal: the feelings ofpride, satisfaction and accomplishment," Guzik observes. "When you useaffirmations, try to bring those [feelings] into the process."

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