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Beatenevery complex challenge in the book? Try the simple life.

Yearning to get away from it all but can't? Take time out to read the followingtips on how to lead the simple life without putting distance between yourselfand your business:

Quiet time. Sometimes it's hard to find, but experts advise making roomfor it. It can be as simple as going to a nearby lake at noon or fitting in aworkout at the gym when it's empty. "Entrepreneurs need time to reflect ontheir business and where it's going," says Charles Matthews, an associateprofessor of strategic management at the University of Cincinnati. "Find sometime every week to get away."

Break the routine. If it's all getting to be too much, Matthewsrecommends doing something out of the norm--even if it's only for a fewminutes. Take a brisk walk, pick up the kids from school--whatever it takes torecharge your batteries.

Home front. Setting up an office at home for, say, working occasionalmornings there builds flexibility into your schedule, provides more qualitytime for you to spend with your family and keeps you out of the hectic commute.One caveat: Be sure to establish ground rules with your family first.

Get away. If you can take a true vacation without any distractions, doit. If not, work a few hours of play time into a business trip or designatecertain hours to take care of business when you're vacationing. It's all aboutdefining your leisure time, not letting your business define it for you.

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