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Before You Bid Farewell . . .

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Making your business a full-time job

Once your business is consistently earning enough income to cover your livingand business expenses, you're ready to go full time. But don't give noticebefore taking these steps:

* Determine when any company benefit plans you have will vest or increase invalue. It would be a shame to quit two weeks before the value of yourretirement benefits increase from 40 to 60 percent.

* Find out when you'll receive benefit money. This could help you plan yourfinancing.

* Before leaving--while you're still covered by corporate insurance--get allannual health exams and routine procedures done. Check out whether your groupcoverage can be converted to an individual policy at favorable rates or ifother health coverage options are open to you.

* Take out a home equity line of credit before leaving your job. Having a lineof credit to draw upon is invaluable during the first two years you're inbusiness, although you probably won't qualify for one once you leave your jobuntil your business has been successful for more than two years.

* Pay off or pay down the balance on your credit cards while you're stillgenerating a steady income. This helps your credit rating and enables you tofinance various start-up costs.

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