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Reading groups help entrepreneurs find the best books for theirbusiness.

Want to get a handle on the best business books to read and then discuss whatyou've read with other entrepreneurs? Maybe it's time you started a businessreading group.

Where: Your local bookstore might offer a meeting room you canuse, or look for a meeting space at your library, community center, church orsynagogue. Another option that might be easier: Rotate meetings among themembers' homes or businesses.

When: Ideally, your group should meet once a month at the sameday and time--say, the first Wednesday of every month at 7 p.m. Depending onthe number of members present and how lively the discussions become, expectmeetings to last 60 to 90 minutes.

How: You'll need a facilitator--someone to open and close yourmeeting, encourage discussion among members, keep the discussion on track sothe meeting ends on time, and review the book of the month carefully forspecific discussion topics. The facilitator might be the same person each time,or you can rotate the role among members.

Who: Guest authors are one way to spice up a reading group. AtBarnes & Noble's Walnut Creek, California, location, which sponsors amonthly business reading group, members frequently invite authors to discusstheir works.

How much: Costs should include the price of the book, anyprinting or mailing charges for meeting notices, and refreshments. To keepcosts low, encourage a local bookstore to offer a discount on your group'smonthly selection. Create an e-mail list or phone tree so members can stay intouch without printing and mailing anything. Serve simple refreshments likecoffee, soft drinks and cookies. If you need more substantial fare, chip in forpizza or have a potluck dinner to spread the costs and help busy members whocan't find the time to eat before the meeting.

Learn more: For guidelines on starting and running your ownreading group, plus suggested readings, study guides and activities to ensurelively, productive discussions, check out these Web sites: http://www.bkpub.comor

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