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Court File: Lurid Lifestyle Alleged


This month's Vanity Fair magazine profiles the ultimate entrepreneur gone-wild (allegedly), Broadcom co-founder Henry Nicholas, who was charged in June with securities fraud and drug trafficking. The story paints a lurid picture of a man who made more than $1 billion after helping to launch Broadcom, a successful microchip maker that supplies iPhones and other products with its technologies.

Nicholas is on the list of Forbes 400 list of Richest Americans. Vanity Fair digs up evidence that Nicholas had an adult playground built beneath his $30 million Laguna Hills, Calif., home, allegedly so that he could entertain friends, do cocaine and ecstasy, and employ prostitutes. Nicholas resigned from Broadcom in 2003 amid employee lawsuits and now faces federal charges stemming from allegations that Broadcom allegedly back-dated stock options for certain employees without telling stockholders. One of two federal indictments thrown at him accuses the billionaire of spiking the drinks of fellow executives. Nicholas has pleaded not guilty to all federal charges and will likely face trial next year.