Personal Information Manager Software To Prevent Overload

A cure for information overload
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If you've ever wasted precious time searching for a phone number, worrying about appointment conflicts or simply managing the many tidbits of random information that cross your desk daily, you're not alone. Information overload afflicts us all.

Luckily, there's a cure. It's called personal information manager, or PIM, software. This type of program is designed to help you get and stay on top of the mountains of information that come your way.

With a PIM you can keep track of reams of text, outline major projects, schedule appointments or simply keep tabs on phone numbers and addresses.

A PIM is first and foremost a personal tool, so the ideal PIM must closely match your existing style and work habits. We all work a little differently and that's why there are different types of PIMs:

* Single-user PIMs offer a grab-bag of features, such as a note pad, appointment calendar, address book and phone directory. Some are resident programs, which means you can call them up without leaving the application you're working in. Many allow you to drag-and-drop information into your word processor or other application.

* Free-form PIMs are designed for those who need to keep track of random information and notes in addition to names and addresses. Instead of being locked into a rigid format of data entry, you can write endless notes to yourself, which can be searched and sorted later at your convenience.

* Text-oriented PIMs are designed for users who need to manage large amounts of textual information. These programs are for people with book-sized files that need to be cataloged, cross-referenced and referred to again and again.


Sidekick 95 for Windows 95 $49.95

Sidekick 2.0 for Windows $39.95

Sidekick Deluxe (CD-ROM) $59.95

Starfish Software

Scotts Valley, CA

(800) 765-7839

AnyTime 3.0 for Windows $24.95

Individual Software Inc.

Pleasanton, CA

(800) 822-3522

Info Accelerator 3.0 for Windows $99.95

Office Accelerator for Windows $49.95

Baseline Data Systems Inc.

Los Angeles, CA

(800) 429-5325

PhoneKITS, $79.95

AlgoRhythms Inc.

Dallas, TX

(214) 490-5487


Info Select 3.0 for Windows $99.95

Info Select 2.0 for DOS $99.95

Micro Logic Corp.

Hackensack, NJ

(800) 342-5930

InfoRecall 5.0 for Windows $195.95

Toronto, ON, Canada

(800) 208 1311

(416) 502 1345


askSam for Windows $149.95

askSam for DOS $395

askSam Systems

Perry, FL

(800) 800-1997

(904) 584-6590


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