Four For Friday For Entrepreneurs

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business-questions.jpgWelcome to the inaugural edition of 'Four For Friday For Entrepreneurs.' Each Friday for the last six-and-a-half years, I have posed four questions on my blog ( geared toward engaging my readers on a variety of issues and topics. Today, I'm pleased to launch the same for Entrepreneurs here on Entrepreneur magazine's Daily Dose blog. Participation is simple... read the questions below and click on the 'Comment' link to leave your answers.

Q1 - Challenge: What is the largest single challenge facing your start-up or established business today?

Q2 - Social Media: Do you use social media platforms (e.g., blogs, micro-blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) to engage with customers and prospects? If so, how is it working?

Q3 - Coworking: If you were in the early stages of forming a new business and became tired of working from home or your local coffee shop, would you consider coworking? (For the uninformed, coworking is an emerging trend that allows entrepreneurs to share non-traditional, community-style office space and office equipment, usually on a month-to-month basis. Many coworking spaces feature open floor plans and encourage renters to collaborate with one another while maintaining their independence and working toward their own business-related goals.) So, what do you think... is coworking something you would consider doing or do you need a space of your own, even it is your kitchen table?

Q4 - Health Care: What do you think is the best health-care solution for small businesses?