Get a Holiday Sales Boost

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nw-ent-network.jpgIf you're a retailer who sells online, and you'd like to give your sales a free, end-of-season boost, you might want to join in on the second annual Free Shipping Day.  

Created last December on a whim by Luke Knowles of free-shipping coupon site, Free Shipping Day was designed to help retailers on the last day when virtual shops can guarantee delivery before Christmas. Apparently, online shopping starts to decline around Dec. 12, as customers get nervous about whether packages will arrive, and Knowles thought this might help keep the online sales going.

The response from retailers was overwhelming -- Bloomingdale's, JC Penney, Kohl's and Macy's were among the major retailers that jumped on board, along with many smaller retailers. In all, 250 companies participated, and more than 250,000 shoppers visited the FreeShipping site to browse the deals. Many saw a big one-day spike in sales on the event day.

This year Free Shipping Day is back and bigger than ever--Knowles is expecting more than 500 retailers to get on board, which should translate to even bigger traffic. If you can afford to eat the shipping costs for a day, it should be great free marketing exposure--your company logo and free-shipping offer gets posted on the site merely by visiting the site and filling out a form.

Have you seen any other good free-marketing offers for this holiday season? Comment below and let us know.